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As a benefit to switching to 16 pounds, I get an opportunity to strategically build a complete, competitive arsenal from scratch.  I understand that most of you out there do not have the luxury of traveling around with 26 bowling balls in your vehicle, so I have built my arsenal with exactly that in mind.  My goal was to build the simplest, but most versatile and complete arsenal that I, Mike Machuga, professional bowler, DV8 national staff player, and owner of Next Level Pro Shop, would take in to battle.

The first ball was more of a test for 16 pounds.  I had a Hell Raiser Revenge lying around the pro shop and decided it was time to give 16 a shot.  I used my typical favorite asymmetric layout with the pin above the fingers on the grip line and the mass bias swung to the right about 30 degrees.  I like to use a large extra hole on my axis with this layout.  After only a few games, I was convinced I was making the right move.  Now, it’s time to rebuild a Damn Good arsenal.

Ball #2 was an easy choice, a ball and I layout I know very well.  It is a Diva with the pin up in a strong position (4 ½ from my axis) with a strong extra hole (2 ½ inches down my v.a.l. from my axis).  This ball, with this layout, seems to work any and every where.  It gives me good length and strong backend on a variety of conditions and I can manipulate this ball well from a lot of different angles.

The 3rd ball I wanted to add was for the heaviest of oil.  It is the Endless Nightmare.  This is the base of the strong side of the arsenal.  I put the pin underneath the bridge for a little earlier and smoother motion.  The mass bias is swung to the right about 30 degrees.   I don’t think any lane man could put out too much oil for this ball.  She goes, she goes hard, and she keeps going.

Ball #4 was to take care of the other side of the spectrum.  I needed to have something for medium to dry conditions.  The Marauder Mutiny tackles this environment very well for me.  The pin is up above the fingers, on the grip line, with a c.g. swung just a little to the right.  The layout compliments the ball’s intended motion giving me a very clean pass through the heads and a controlled motion on the backends.

Ball #5.  I needed my “transition” ball.  It is a Brutal Nightmare with the pin way up above the middle finger, with a strong mass bias just right of the thumb hole.  This ball compliments my monster Endless Nightmare by giving me a little more length with some serious get up in the backend.  Beware of solid 9’s, this one corners hard!

Ball #6.  A compliment to my Bad A$$ B!+@#!  This is another Diva with the pin pretty low and strong about an inch right and above my center of grip.  When the condition calls for my girls, I like to have a few combinations.  This one grabs the mid lane slightly more than the pin up (Ball #2) and is overall a little stronger.  Diva is my favorite and most versatile ball in the DV8 line.

And that’s how you build a Damn Good 6 ball tournament arsenal. Tonight We Bowl!


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