Break A Leg

Break A Leg

It was just a Sunday afternoon at the park with Amy and our 3 kids (the dogs), 2 ½ days prior to departure for the PBA World Series of Bowling, and just 5 days before competition, when, against the keen and caring wishes of my beautiful, wonderful, and amazing, etc….. fiancé , I, invincible as I believe to be, decided to climb a fence.  ???   Because Dominick, the 8 year old Golden Retriever, was insisting on sniffing an area on the other side.  I had to know what was there.  ???  I just DID, OKAY!  Verbatim: “Do you really think you should be doing that before you have to bowl in a few days?  Wrists, ankles???!!!?!?!” Not 3 seconds after those words of wisdom, I landed  awkwardly on the other side and sprained my ankle.

Although getting through the airports was a bit rough, and after countless ice downs, baths of Epsom salt, and doses of ibuprofen,  I grinded through the World Series and look at this ‘mental brain fart’ as a little blessing in disguise.   One thing that is almost certain, is that the South Point Bowling Center  is going to have slippery approaches.  And those approaches get dirty, and then they get even more slippery, and they get inconsistent, and then I get pissed, and then I start whining, and then I start bowling bad cause I’m pissed, and ARGH it makes me MAD!  Sorry to Tom Clark, John Weber, and Kirk von Krueger, and whomever else who I forced to listen to my complaint.  But the fact of the matter is, this is an issue that many bowling venues should take into consideration.  It doesn’t take much time nor effort to keep the playing field clean, safe, consistent, and fair.  But, back to the ‘blessing,’ it forced me to focus more effectively, I think,  on better shot making and better awareness of what was going on around me.  Through the conscious effort of not getting more hurt, I looked at the leader board LESS and focused MORE on playing the lane to the best of my abilities and making ‘good shots.’ ’Good shots’ also happen to be ones that didn’t hurt.  Ones that hurt, were the ones where my slide would stick slightly and also the ones where my first two steps were, for lack of detailed explanation, not quite right.

Once again, my girl the Diva, was the weapon of choice for the week.  I also used the Brutal Nightmare a good portion of the time.  There seemed to be much less friction in the front of the lane than past events at South Point.  I heard that the PBA used Brunswick A22 oil and that this, along with some adjustments to the patterns, helped the heads hold up much better than before. It sure was noticeable and it was great to see the patterns play much different due to the drastic changes in their lengths.   When the fronts finally did get bad, I got to use The Dude for a few games.  This thing is AWESOME.  It flies through the chopped up and depleted fronts and maintains axis rotation amazingly well, annnnnd, IT’S BLACK!……with a hint of purple…. For the folks who get lost in bowling terminology and slang, it skids through dirt (goes long) and changes direction violently (snaps hard) to perfection, AND it HITS!  And it’s black!….with a hint of purple.  I will give some general details of the layouts on the balls I used at the end of this blog.

For those who may not know, I have switched back to 16 pounds.  This was a long and well thought out decision and I have noticed significant differences.  Stay tuned, I’ll explain later.

In short summary, it was ………. ehhhhhh…… a decent week.  Each round, with the exception of the finals on Chameleon (which was extra tough on the ankle), felt like I was just one “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda” away from a GREAT round.  My finishing Places didn’t reward me as much as I felt was a quality week. I just didn’t finish the job off.  But, the “Fire” is back and I’m ready to….. Tonight We Bowl.

Balls of the Week:

Listed in order of estimated use for the entire WSOB

Diva – Pin Down 4 ¼  from axis, no x-hole, approximately 60 degree mass

I used this one, as usual, most often.  It seemed to be close, and sometimes perfect, on just about every condition we saw.  I can manipulate this ball, matched with this layout, very easily.  It always seems to read the right parts of the lane no matter what the environment.

Brutal Nightmare – Pin Up 5 ¾ from axis, no hole, approximately 70 degree mass

Another one of my favorites, this one worked well as the patterns got longer and the fronts were still slick.  I used it for the majority of all match play rounds in the World Championship.

Dude – Pin Up 4 ¾ from axis, approximately 45 degree mass, x-hole very small 2 ½ down v.a.l. from p.a.p.

We’ve had a little gap, between the Divas and Marauders, and the Misfits. That gap has been filled! This one allowed me to scoot it and get it back, from further down lane, and way further right than any other ball imaginable. Don’t wait, get one or be sorry.  You are going to see this ball A LOT.  And it is going to be doing tricks all around you.

Dude – Pin under bridge 5 ¼ from axis, no x-hole, approximately 65 degree mass

This one was the perfect compliment to the previous.  It is slightly longer in length (also due to a smoother surface texture) and slightly more even arcing than the Pin Up 4 ¾.

Diva – Pin Up 4 ½ from axis, approximately 45 degree mass, x-hole 7/8 x 3, 2 ½ down v.a.l. from p.a.p.

I only used her for a couple to a few games, but she complimented the Pin Down 4 ¼ very well.  She gave me just a little more length and a little sharper move down lane and fit right between the Pin Down Diva and the Pin Up strong Dude.

Brutal Nightmare – Pin Under bridge, no x-hole, mass 1” past v.a.l.

I drilled this one at the tournament for the fresh of the World Championship.  It gave me an earlier and overall stronger motion than the Pin Up 5 ¾ but I never got it to feel quite right, so I didn’t use it as much as I could and maybe should have.

Based on the descriptions provided above it is probably clear to you, the reader, that I could easily talk all day about these balls, their layouts, and putting them to use on the right conditions/environments.   At my Pro Shop we gather as much of this information as possible i.e. axis point, ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt, axis rotation…, and assure our customer that they are making the right choice when purchasing ANY bowling ball or other bowling need. So, stop in and see me or my staff in the Shop located inside the newly renovated Rolling Meadow Lanes or email us at and ask how we can take your game to The Next Level.

Lastly, I must not forget to mention, the Moral of This Blog: Amy was right and I should listen to her more often.  I’ma gettin’ old and shouldn’t be doing such risky things to my body.  She’s right some other times too…..

P.S. She picked out her dress! I think it’s pricier than the ring! ;)  love ya babe!

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