50th Times News Open

I’ve got turning in my belly, random shots of adrenaline shooting through my body, nervous jitters, visualizations and fantasies of winning this thing all day long today. For what? It’s just a little local tournament? NO! This is the Times News Open. This is a tournament that the local bowlers get excited about each and every year. And it’s the 50th one! I do not know of any other of its kind. 5 days of bowling in 5 different bowling centers, over 240 entries, 16 man Round Robin Finals with a 2 game Position Round, $2500 First Place Prize with just a $75 entry fee. I love this tournament!

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I have not been able to bowl this event since 1999. But this year, I wasn’t letting anything get in my way. I have won it once, in 1997, and I am determined to win it again. Tomorrow starts the Round Robin match play finals at Eastland Bowl and Sunday is at my home center, Rolling Meadow Lanes. I could not ask for anything more as these are my 2 favorite centers in the area. It will be a tall task indeed to win this thing. The field is strong to say the least:
Ron Palombi Jr, 6 time PBA Tour Champion and 2 time Major winner including a US Open, is looking good.
Mike Shady, PBA Tour Champion, also looks in mid-season form.
Lee Eighmy Jr, 5 time Times News Open Champ, is always a threat.
Cory Bithell is a striking mad man.
TJ Mitchell seems to be good at any sport he plays, and is the Qualifying Champion.
Rod Silman is bowling spectacular.
David Warren has been a competitor of mine since we were children, and I am sure would love to kick my ass.
And the rest of the field had to average over 223 to get there, so they obviously know what they are doing.

Being in the finals, surrounded by this group of such talented people, there aren’t many “right” words to describe the feeling….I am very excited to say the least.

So, tonight, I will have a highly anticipated Meatloaf dinner, cuddle on the couch with my beautiful fiance’ and switch the T.V. back and forth between Dateline and 20/20, enjoy our 3 dogs, and get a good nights rest for what is sure to be an exciting weekend of what I love to do most, Bowling. And so…the only other thing left to say is…DV8! This weekend, We Bowl.

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