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   Bowling has been a part of my life since I was born. My Grandparents, Bernie and Audrey Heaverly, owned a small 16 lane bowling center, Frontier Lanes in Erie, Pennsylvania. My weekends typically included a trip to Gram and Grump's house Friday night, watching Punky Brewster and Webster T.V. shows, followed by Saturday morning chores at the Lanes. When chores were finished it was time for league. My early bowling years were spent on the infamous Dukes of Hazard Team. Gram and Grump would turn on the PBA Tour on ABC after league.

   From these shows I learned to adore the greats of the game: Earl Anthony, Dick and Pete Weber, Amleto Monacelli, David Ozio, and of course, Brian Voss and Norm Duke. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoons imitating the Pros I watched on T.V.

   Later, I went on to bowl at the University of Nebraska for 2 seasons under the tutelage of multi-time Collegiate National Champion Coach and former PBA Tour Player, Bill Straub. Although my physical game needed little work, Coach Straub enhanced my understanding of balance, posture, timing, swing, and other intricate parts of the approach that are necessary for great shot making, power, consistency, repetition, versatility, and longevity. After an abbreviated College career, I began bowling for a living at the amateur level, participating in tournaments such as the Hoinke Classic, International and Mini Eliminators, and the High Rollers. In the fall of 2001, after a few years in the "Minor Leagues", it was time to turn Pro.

   Since turning Pro, I developed a close relationship with USBC and PBA Hall of Famers, Norm Duke and Brian Voss. They took me under their wings and taught me all the things I THOUGHT I knew and more. Over the past 10 years I have practiced with, competed against, learned from, and taught with two of the most knowledgeable men on the planet when it comes to the sport of bowling. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to coach bowlers at the beginner through the international competitive levels in places like Panama, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, and Hungary, just to name a few. Individually and as a partner in Next Level Bowling, I have also participated in many camps, clinics, seminars and speaking engagements across the country.

   Bowling is my true passion, and spreading the valuable knowledge and experience I have gained along the way via teaching and coaching is now my focus outside of PBA Tour competition. I look forward to helping you take YOUR game to THE NEXT LEVEL!

   My name is Mike Machuga.  This is Machuga Bowling.

Name:   Mike Machuga
Birthdate:   4/22/76
Hometown:   Erie, PA
Nickname:   Choogs
Throws:   Right
College:   University of Nebraska
Career PBA Tour Titles: 2
Career PBA 300 Games: 24